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Rescue your recordings from noise problems like air conditioners, traffic, fans, hiss, hum, clicks, pops, crackles, distortion/clipping, and low volume. SoundSoap is inexpensive and easy to use with professional results.

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Open the media to be cleaned and SoundSoap will automagically find and remove background noise. Adjust the settings and share the results- its that easy! In most cases, only a few mouse clicks are needed for powerful results. SoundSoap includes everything you need to record and clean your media files on Mac or Windows.

Treasured Moments Deserve Great Sound

Easily Fix & Share Your Videos
Graduations, birthday parties, family vacations, sporting events, pets... we record all sorts of special moments in our lives. These treasured memories should sound their best, and SoundSoap/VideoSoap make it easy to ensure your precious moments sound great. The sofware will even upload your clips to Facebook, Messaging, Email, and more.

SoundSoap opens most popular media formats, including H.264, MPEG-4, WAVE, AIFF, AAC, MP3, FLAC and more. After cleaning, save to popular formats like M4V and AVI on Windows or M4V and MOV on Mac. On Mac, send your masterpiece with one click to popular destinations like Facebook, Vimeo, Email, Messaging, AirDrop, and more! SoundSoap even includes a Batch File Processor to automatically process any number of files.

"This software is a pleasure to use – not only because of its simple interface, but also because it is as effective as it is. There’s rarely something for nothing in life. And to remove something almost always results in less than you started with. But if you want to improve on old, treasured media with all their imperfections, this is as good a way to do it as anything else of its kind available." - MyMac Reviewer

Perfect Wedding, Perfect Sound

Fix Common Noise Problems
Your wedding video captured the full experience of love, joy, anticipation, intimacy, fun, romance, and beauty on your wedding day. But it probably also captured some unwanted background noises. Perfect your wedding video easily with just a few clicks using SoundSoap or VideoSoap.

Fans, air conditioners, traffic, rumbles, clicks, crackles, and tape hiss are just a few examples of noise pollution SoundSoap can help eliminate. And, with its highly intelligent Learn Noise feature, SoundSoap automatically detects the noise you want removed while leaving the rest of your audio intact. New in version 5, the SoundSoap application analyzes and finds the noise for you automatically! And with the new SoundSoap+, you can even control which frequencies noise reduction is applied to.

"Now when we listen to our family’s voices, to their stories (which are also our stories) told in their voice, we just hear their voice. Crisp, clear, even better than we originally heard it... Your work has helped preserve my family’s history for my memory, for my children’s discovery, and I can’t say thank you enough." - Ryan W.

On the Move...

Enhance Audio Like a Pro
Nothing shows off your wild side like your action camera. Unwanted hiss, rumble, clicks and other noises shouldn't be part of the impression you leave. SoundSoap and VideoSoap make it easy to clean up footage from action cameras and smartphones with just a few clicks. The software will even finish the job by uploading your masterpiece to Facebook, Messaging, Email, and more.

Often a recording needs more than just noise reduction, it also needs a little help to enhance frequencies and tone. Bring back sparkle and depth to your media using the Enhance control. For additional enhancement tone controls, check out the new SoundSoap+.

“The results were fantastic. No other consumer-level program removes as much noise while still leaving the material recognizable.” - PCWorld

Music Production

By itself or right inside Media Editing Apps like Logic, ProTools, Final Cut Pro...
SoundSoap is an essential tool to have for anyone doing music production. When recording live instruments and vocals, there are many common problems such as background noises, hiss, hum, and distortion that SoundSoap can easily fix, keeping your production sparkling clean. SoundSoap works right inside most popular music production software, such as ProTools, Logic, Digital Performer, Nuendo, Cubase, and many others.

SoundSoap works where you work. Use SoundSoap by itself using the included desktop application for Mac or Windows. Or, use it right inside your favorite media editing applications like Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere CC, ProTools, Logic X, Cubase, EDIUS, GarageBand, and others. SoundSoap comes with VST, Audio Unit, AudioSuite, and AAX format plug-ins, and is fully 64-bit compatible so you can count on amazing performance in the latest apps.

Wiring is a common cause of electrical hum in recordings that can ruin an otherwise great recording.  SoundSoap eliminates common electrical hum problems for US and non-US hum types.

Need more control? Check out the new SoundSoap+, which offers additional noise reduction and enhancement controls.

"SoundSoap lives up to its promise of powerful, yet easy-to-use noise reduction for records, videos, podcasts, and spoken-word recordings, as well as basic music-cleaning applications in your DAW. …SoundSoap is an excellent value." - Electronic Musician, Sept 2014

Digital Music Collections

Record right into SoundSoap, Fix Pops, Clicks, and Crackles
SoundSoap includes all the software you need to transfer your vinyl and/or cassette collection to digital without the pops, clicks, crackles, and hiss. SoundSoap lets you record high-quality digital audio files without needing a separate recording application. Create stunning restorations of your LPs and cassettes with just a few clicks- SoundSoap makes recording and cleaning effortless.

SoundSoap also removes noises you encounter when working with Vinyl LP recordings like clicks, crackles, pops, and turntable motor rumble.  If you are digitizing an old LP collection, and want to get rid of the clicks and crackles - take a listen to what SoundSoap can do!

Record audio straight into SoundSoap - no need for a separate recording application! SoundSoap supports recording to give you a seamless workflow, especially when recording noisy material. SoundSoap supports high resolution recordings, up to 32-bits.

"I have large LP collection consisting of several hundred classical albums that have been sitting in my garage collecting dust for years. I finally decided that I should try and see if I could convert them to digital and spent several weeks playing around with a variety of different hardware configurations and software programs. Needless to say, I wasn't entirely happy with the results. As a last resort, I had read some good reviews about Sound Soap (but was still skeptical) and decided to make one last effort to convert my LPs using it. To put it mildly, I have been absolutely AMAZED at the results I'm now able to obtain with Sound Soap. …This is one of the few software programs I've come across that I can recommend without any reservations." - Amazon customer review

Training + Industrial Videos

Get Dialogue Tracks Right - Fix Distortion & Low Volume
Whether you are producing training videos or demonstrating a product, audio problems in the dialogue will diminish the professional impact you want to make. Make sure you deliver high quality sounding videos and interviews using SoundSoap or VideoSoap for easy-to-use audio cleaning.

Audio tracks too quiet? SoundSoap features an advanced loudness maximizer to intelligently boost the volume of your audio tracks. SoundSoap's digital signal processing algorithms increase the loudness of the audio without introducing distortion.

SoundSoap’s declipper produces stunning restorations of clipped audio. Automatically fix distortion on audio that was recorded too loud, using SoundSoap's advanced digital signal processing algorithms that detect and restore clipped audio signals. And like the rest of SoundSoap, you don't have to be an audio engineer to make it sound great - just turn it on!

"SoundSoap is easy to use, reasonably priced and allows everyone with a good ear to solve audio problems quickly without forcing them to understand how all the magic works." - Edit Smarter, Larry Jordan, Oct 2015

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App-Only edition available on Mac App Store

"SoundSoap 4 represents an elegant and affordable solution." - SOS, April 2015

"SoundSoap lives up to its promise of powerful, yet easy-to-use noise reduction for records, videos, podcasts, and spoken-word recordings, as well as basic music-cleaning applications in your DAW. …SoundSoap is an excellent value." - Electronic Musician, Sept 2014
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iPhone/iPad? See VideoSoap

SoundSoap 5 - What's New?

The easiest and most affordable restoration software just got easier! Soundsoap 5 includes groundbreaking new features like automatic noise detection, a graphical learn noise mode, metering, MP3, FLAC, improved hum removal, additional media playback controls, and more. And if you want even more control, check out SoundSoap+, with innovative additional tools and controls.

  • Automatic noise detection* - SoundSoap analyzes media files automagically and will try to find the best location for learning noise. SoundSoap then automatically learns noise at this location rather than using a default, flat noise profile.
  • Set noise location* on the waveform display in the Media Window - move the vertical red indicator to learn noise at a new location in the media file.
  • Waveform display for video* - now you can toggle a view between video and the audio waveform display.
  • Improved hum removal - the hum removal algorithm has been greatly improved.
  • Enhanced media controls* - return to start, backward, and forward key commands.
  • FLAC and MP3 support*
  • Audio metering
  • Full Bypass* - the Power button on Media Window now bypasses all SoundSoap processing for true A/B comparing.
  • Reset* - reset all controls and the noise profile to their default settings.
* = features available using application but not available to plug-in version


System Requirements

  • Both
    • 2GB RAM minimum
    • 50MB storage available
    • Plug-in requires compatible Audio Unit, VST, AAX, or AudioSuite host application
    • Internet connection for product activation
  • Mac
    • Intel-based Mac
    • Mac OS X v.10.6 or higher for Audio Unit and VST plug-in, supporting both 32 and 64-bit formats
    • Standalone application requires Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) or greater
    • AAX Native 64-bit for ProTools 11/12
    • 64-bit AudioSuite for ProTools 12
    • Fully compatible with Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) and 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • Windows
    • Windows 7, 8, or 10
    • 1GHz or faster processor with SSE

  • - Mac OS - Files with more than one stereo or mono audio track are not currently supported.  Supported file types for opening are determined by Apple’s AV Foundation framework.
    - iOS users see VideoSoap.
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