VideoSoap 5

iOS App for Video Audio Restoration adds Noise Canceling Mic Mode and More

San Rafael, CA – March 31, 2016 – Available today, the VideoSoap 5 app brings new capabilities to the easy-to-use audio restoration software for iOS videos. VideoSoap is so easy-to-use that anyone can use it to fix audio problems, without requiring any audio expertise. VideoSoap solves audio noise problems like unwanted hiss and background noises, distortion, and low-volume. The software also provides production-quality enhancement of the video’s audio. The iOS app is ideal for users who want great sounding audio on their video projects such as family movies, interviews, and training videos. Version 5 adds the ability to enhance audio from the iOS device mic and route it through the headphone jack for live applications, such as for a DSLR camera external mic input.

VideoSoap allows users to open a video stored on their iOS device, adjust a few simple controls, and then save the video back to their Camera Roll or share the video over Facebook, Email, Messaging, AirDrop, and other destinations. Videos cleaned with VideoSoap have no loss of video quality. The new version supports recording new videos right inside VideoSoap.

VideoSoap 5 is built on the award-winning SoundSoap 5 noise reduction technology used by thousands of audio professionals and enthusiasts worldwide to deliver stunning audio in their video and audio projects. VideoSoap 5 inherits some new features from SoundSoap 5, including automatically finding and learning noise in media files, and a waveform display for adjusting noise and playback locations. A new Live mode offers all of VideoSoap’s audio restoration capabilities in real-time by processing the iOS microphone audio before passing it through the headphone jack. This essentially converts an iOS device into a high quality noise-canceling lav mic replacement for use with DSLR cameras and other live sound applications.

With its highly intelligent Learn Noise feature, VideoSoap pinpoints the sounds to remove while leaving the rest of the audio intact. A de-clipping feature automatically detects and fixes distortion on audio that was recorded too loud, using advanced digital signal processing. The de-clipper produces stunning restorations of clipped audio. VideoSoap also features a Volume Booster to intelligently boost the volume of audio tracks that are too quiet. VideoSoap’s digital signal processing increases the loudness of the audio without introducing distortion.

“Audio restoration with VideoSoap 5 is automagic,” said Steve Berkley, Founder of Soundness LLC. “There is nothing else out there like this product - VideoSoap 5 takes audio restoration technology to the next level of ease-of use.”

VideoSoap 5 requires iOS 8.2 or later. Please visit for screen shots and more information about VideoSoap 5.


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